Advice for parents

The smooth running of a lesson depends on the instructor, but also on you:
  • The estate is divided into two sectors with several meeting points, so make sure you select the meeting point that suits you when you book.
  • Arrive early at the meeting points indicated on your lesson card.
  • For courses in the Les Contamines sector, with "l'Etape" noted as the meeting point, the meeting point is at the intermediate ski lift station. Please arrive directly at l'Etape before the start of the lesson.
  • You must carry your ski pass with you to all sessions, including private lessons.
  • Ski passes are not included in the price of the lessons (unless you have purchased one for children, for example) and are compulsory for group lessons and private lessons (children under 5 do not pay the ski pass but a pass is still required for access to the lifts).
  • Equipment is not supplied with our services.

Please remember to equip your child as necessary:
  • Children must come to lessons equipped (skis and boots, helmet).
  • Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended whatever the level.

For Clubs Piou Piou:

  • Make sure your children are well protected against the cold, but also think about hot weather on sunny days.
  • Gloves, goggles, sun cream and a helmet from the outset will help them develop good habits!
  • You can watch your child, but be discreet, as children behave differently when they see their parents.
  • Let us know if they have any allergies, as we provide a snack.
  • Respect the child's rate of progress, i.e. if your little one starts to make snowplough turns and you take them out on more difficult slopes to please them, you could be hindering their progress and even putting them in difficulty.
  • Always be positive and value their progress.

Other information:
  • From 5 people, our lessons are guaranteed. If less than 5 people are registered for a level, esf Les Contamines reserves the right to cancel the lesson.
  • esf management reserves the right to modify programmes and timetables during the season.
  • Weather conditions and ski lift breakdowns are not the responsibility of the instructors.
  • Actual lesson times may be reduced for reasons beyond our control. No refunds will be made.